Rowcliffes Chevrolet - Servicing and Repairs

No one knows your Chevrolet better than your local Rowcliffes Service Centre. Regular servicing and maintenance is vital to safeguard your vehicles reliability and roadworthiness and to ensure your Chevrolet operates as it is intended. Servicing also allows our manufacturer-trained technicians to identify any worn components so they can be replaced before they fail (which can often lead to a more expensive failure) or become a safety concern. You'll also know the cost before any work is carried out.


Winter Hazards for Chevrolet drivers

Wherever you're going this Winter, set off on every journey knowing your vehicle is ready to handle the worst of the Winter weather, with our Rowcliffes Chevrolet Winter Health check. Ice, snow, damp starts, freezing conditions and road salts all put additional strain on a wide range of components such as batteries, hoses, brake calipers and discs, fan belts, wiper arms and blades - so it make sense to visit your local Rowcliffes Chevrolet dealer and let one of our expert Chevrolet trained technicians check your car over before the full force of winter takes effect.

The comprehensive, 25 point, Winter Health Check covers all the 'vital organs' on your car for safety, checking the condition of many important components, as well as for leaks and wear and tear. All fluid levels are checked and topped-up too. Getting you and your Chevrolet ready to face the toughest season with less chance of getting the winter blues – and in greater safety. Investing in winter protection costs little, but could save you a lot..

For a complete system check, lubrication service and re-gas why not book today at Rowcliffes Chevrolet, your local dealer.


Genuine Chevrolet parts

Why compromise on quality or pay more? Genuine Chevrolet parts are:

  • Precision engineered to seamlessly and safely fit your Chevrolet
  • Covered by a two-year warranty, giving you total peace of mind
  • Your best-value option – keep the paperwork for your original Chevrolet parts and these could even help you get a better resale price

Not only do we carry out Chevrolet servicing and Chevrolet MOT testing, we only use and sell approved Chevrolet parts. For more information, including special offers, just ask Rowcliffes, your local Chevrolet dealer.


Service & Warranty

Trusted Quality at competitive price!

We want you to enjoy hassle-free motoring.

At Rowcliffes Chevrolet, we are passionate about providing excellent service to our customers. Our highly skilled technicians will ensure that your car is serviced, repaired and kept in top condition. At our Authorised Chevrolet Repair centre, technicians only ever use manufacturer-approved parts.

Having your vehicle serviced or repaired at Rowcliffes is even better value than ever, thanks to great promotions.